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Practice Your Mixing Skills

20140904_154921Now it’s time to practice your mixing skills. Maybe you downloaded a DAW and some plugins from the free software section of this site. It could be that you pieced together the components for a home studio. Maybe you already have the studio you want, and you recorded your first project. You may want more inside tips in order to practice your mixing skills successfully. Fortunately, there are free resources for mixing and master.

Cambridge Songs

You can go to the Cambridge library and choose from hundreds of songs. all you need to do is download and import them into your DAW. The full unmixed version of the song is included. These are the kind of projects that professional recording studios receive. Listen to the quick demo of each song and download the ones you like. The more you practice mixing your mixing skills, the better you will get. You will become more familiar with your DAW as a result.

I highly recommend you check out Mixing Secrets For The Small Studio. If you want some free sample music projects to practice your mixing skills then check out the Cambridge Libraries Of Audio Songs. These songs are not mixed. There are anywhere from 17 to 40 tracks per song. All styles of music are covered with hundreds of songs to choose from. The best part is they are all free to download.

Mixing Secrets

Mastering 3I would suggest that you download a few of these songs once your studio is put together and practice mixing them. Export them and then practice mastering them. There is nothing like hands-on experience to help you learn this process.

More Resources From Cambridge

To learn more about Mastering read Izotope’s Mastering With Ozone

Download the free e-book here

Free Software

If you are still looking for free resources for mixing and mastering then don’t forget to checkout the massive list of the top free mastering plugins on this site. Many useful tools can be found there. If you are on a tight budget then this is the best way to go. Look at the Free Software section

While these next resources are not free they certainly are useful. If you are looking for videos of popular software applications for recording music then check out Groove3. Also look at Streamworks Audio. These “how to” videos will teach you everything you need to know about using your favorite DAW application. They will show you all the secrets of recording with any DAW platform.


Streamworks Audio

Offers Video Training courses for recording, mixing and Mastering


Offers Video Training courses for recording, mixing and Mastering

Cakewalk’s Sonar Platinum

While Sonar Platinum is not a free DAW, it is my favorite recording application. There are many great DAW software products to choose from these days and I have tried many of them. My favorite software to record all my music just happens to be Sonar Platinum. They provide different versions of Sonar at many different price points. Compared to what is out there it is very affordable. They do provide some free learning resources such as videos and other things of that nature. I am not a paid spokesperson for Cakewalk, and I make no money from an affiliate program. I am merely one of their many happy customers. I highly recommend and use this product.

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