Advanced Guitar Lessons Level 1

Welcome to Advanced Guitar Lessons Level 1

Level 1-Harmonics

My LogoIn this level of Advanced Guitar Lessons we are going to cover harmonics. We will talk about how they work and we will talk about ways you can use them in your music. We will discuss 7 ways you can get a harmonic out of a guitar. For now it is time to cover the basics.

Video 1

Now that we have covered the basics we will go into more details about ways we can get harmonics out of a guitar. Here are two more ways.

Video 2

How do these harmonics sound on an electric guitar? This next video shows how to use these with an electric guitar. It also will show you one more way to get a harmonic from a guitar.

Video 3

Now that we have the basic 5 Harmonic techniques down, its is time to expand on that. This next harmonic technique is my favorite. Check it out

Video 4

And finally It is time to learn the 7th harmonic trick. We will also learn about other areas and ways to get harmonics from an acoustic guitar

Video 5

Let’s finish up this section on harmonics. In this video I will talk about other uses for harmonics. We will talk about using harmonics for tuning your guitar. Let us also cover using harmonics with a tuning fork. We will also talk about using harmonics to check intonation on a guitar.

Video 6

These techniques are advanced. It will take some practice to get them down and to play them properly. Don’t get discourage! Some of these techniques could take a while to perfect. This is the end of section 1. I hope I have shown you some cool new tricks that you find useful.