My LogoWelcome to a website that was made for musicians everywhere. This website is about you more than it is about me. This website is designed to be a place where musicians of different skill levels can come and tap into a whole host of tools and services.  These tools are designed to educate and improve the music we write and share in our everyday lives. Not only are these services and tools available for free, but new ones are being developed and added. This website is my personal effort to help those musicians that are looking for resources to improve their skills. It is my attempt to provide information for all musicians that will help inspire and excite their experience playing music. So let’s cover just some of the resources you will find here.

Free Guitar Lessons

Under The Free Guitar Lesson tab, you will find an interactive chord guide with built-in PDF charts. These charts will allow you to print all the chords listed in the guide. Guitar teachers can use these pdf charts royalty free. Guitar teachers are free to share them with their students. You will also find an interactive scale guide that will not only teach you the details about scales and how to transpose them, but it will also provide backing tracks for you to play along with. This is so you can hear what these scales sound like in a song. PDF charts are also provided. This enables you to print out these scales and place them on your music stand.

Both of these guides have interactive videos that will teach concepts in details. More videos are being developed. These two guides are also interwoven into a video series I made called Advanced Guitar Lessons. The whole series is designed to give musicians a basic understanding in music theory and it will help improve their music writing and music composition skills. This series will also teach several really cool guitar tricks. A new lesson series is still being developed and it will cover many different types of alternate and open tunings.

Free Software

Under the free software tab, you will see  web links that direct you to many manufacturers who provide software to musicians for free. A brief description of the software with a screen shot is provided.  The idea of this section is to provide linked resources so that musicians can record their own music on their home computers. It makes no difference what kind of computer you own. This software works on Macs and PC (windows) systems. This software works on both platforms. If you already have a recording platform with dedicated recording software then this section will also provide a list of the top plugins that are made available for you to download and use free of charge. These plugins will work inside your main recording software. (DAW)

These plugins add to the ability of your Digital Audio Workstation Applications. They can be anything from mixing and mastering plugins to full-blown software synthesizers. The criteria given is that every plugin is of the highest quality, it is totally free, and the plugin is very useful. Every Plugin comes straight from the manufacturer’s website. No third-party links are included and copyright laws are strictly observed. In most cases, you can purchase additional features from the manufacturer if you want to, but they are not needed for the plugin to fully function.

Recording Music

Under the Recording Music tab, you will find information and useful tips that the pros use in the general process of recording music. We tackle the terminology and explain everything in laymen’s terms. Several tips are provided that walk you step by step through the process of recording various instruments. There are some inside studio tricks and secrets which will provide you with the information and ability to make better music and better recordings!

Mixing Music

Under the mixing tab you will find tips and secrets that the pros use and it will walk you through the mixing and mastering process. We talk about using EQ, using compression, The stereo field, and a whole host of other useful tips and information. There is also a section that will point you to several useful resources. Download unmixed and unmastered songs to practice your mixing skills. Get free eBooks that cover the subject, or check out some of the online schools. This information serves as a basic reference for those who want to learn more about recording their own music.


There are NO accounts to create at Marcus Curtis Music, NO credit cards are required, NO email to give, and NO registration process of any kind needed to access any of the free services. No ads will slow your page loading and eat your bandwidth. The tools and resources are truly provided free of charge with NO strings attached!

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