Free Rock Backing Tracks

Free Rock Backing Tracks

Here is a collection of free rock backing tracks. There are many styles covered in this collection. Some of them include Soft Rock, Ballad Rock, Metal, Rock, and Hard Rock. Almost each video below is a playlist within itself. Simply click the next button in the video to go to the next track. These tracks are an absolute blast to play along with and you are bound to find many songs that you will enjoy playing over and over again. There are 88 Backing tracks on this page in 3 separate playlists.

Soft Rock Backing Tracks

Here is a collection of soft rock and rock ballad songs. There are 34 tracks


Here is a collection of tracks that are rock and rock ballad. There are 26 tracks

Hard Rock

The playlist below has some tracks that are hard rock. Some of these tracks are Metal. There are 29 tracks!

Free Backing Tracks For Scales

Free Blues Backing Tracks

Free Jazz Backing Tracks

Free Acoustic backing Tracks

Free Country Backing Tracks

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