Website Checkup

Time For A Website Checkup

It has been a while since I updated anything on this site. I desperately needed to do a website checkup but I have been  really busy with other projects. These projects were demanding to say the least. Because time has become a precious commodity I have totally neglected this site, but now most of the projects that were required for me to do are now finished! The next project that I want to do is to improve the quality of this site. This is something I enjoy doing as a hobby more than anything else. I want to create quality content for anyone who wants to grow as a musician. it is my hope that the tools on this site will help many people.

This site was in desperate need of an overhaul from a content point of view. I started by updating the website software and all related plugins. Next I removed all the affiliate marketing. It was time to take down the Amazon sections and I removed the store. I addressed all the broken links and I optimized the databases and removed the bloat. Next I got rid of older revisions of posts and pages and I purged the cache. I strengthened the security and I streamlined and updated the social media. I still like the way the site looked so a lot of the improvements have been made behind the scenes and kind of under the hood.

So the end result is a more streamlined reliable website that loads faster and is easier to navigate. But that was not enough. Content is king, so I took my personal guitar course which took years to develop, and I uploaded all the PDF documents to Google Docs. I embedded these documents throughout the guitar lesson section of the site. This added so much content that I divided up the chord guide section into two parts. I also divided up the scale guide section into two parts. In addition I added a new page and loaded it with backing tracks that I personally recorded. I have recording projects started with the goal of making even more background tracks. These new tracks will be longer and they will be added to the page as soon as they are recorded and copyright is filed.

I updated and spent a lot of work on the free software section. Next I removed broken links and obsolete software. I added newly released software. Now there is a bigger list of plugins to choose from. All the software apps in the list have been downloaded and tested. The revised section directs musicians to free DAW’s and plugins that can download for free. Once installed these apps will allow musicians to record their music ideas straight to their computer at little or no cost at all, depending on the computer.

The end result is a bigger better site that musicians can use to help them reach their personal music goals. If you are a beginner or an intermediate guitar player then check out the guitar lesson section. You can also download songs to help you practice your guitar scales then check out the Backing Tracks. If you want to record music and you are on a very small budget then download apps from the free software section. Maybe you want to learn the tips that the pros use to record music, then check out the recording music section. If you want to learn what the pros do to mix and master their music then check out the mixing music section.

This website is now integrated with people who take private guitar lessons from me. Besides the free material that is available for everyone on this site, there is a vast section that is unlocked for my students. So if you are in the Tulsa area you may consider signing up for lessons so that these sections are unlocked for you as well.

Above all it is my hope that you find this site useful. Feel free to send me any input about what you would like to see. Take the time to subscribe so that you can be notified when more sections are available. Above all, thanks for reading and I hope you find this site useful

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