My Music

Marcus Curtis

My music is available for download. You can listen to some of my music by clicking on the music player to the right of this page. Currently I have one album available for download. It is available from CD Baby. Check out the link below. I just finished working on a collection of backing tracks. Songs will be available in major and minor keys. These tracks will provide you with a backup band and these songs will allow you to practice your scales. They have a Bluesy Jazz flavor. These are original tunes. Many original backing tracks will be available soon containing my music. They will be released shortly and they will be available for download for free on this page.


Album Cover for Nylon

If you love the tone of the nylon string guitar, If you love Spanish and Latin styles of music, Then you will love Nylon. This is an all instrumental album with a full band backup. All the guitars recorded on this album are nylon string guitars. These original compositions also have drums, percussion, bass, and strings. There are various styles of music represented on this album.

You can download the Nylon album from CD baby! Click Here

My Music and Current Projects

I use to have an album called Saturday Night Jam. That album is no longer available. I have been recording a collection of new songs that will be released with some of the older songs from Saturday Night Jam. The older songs will be remixed and remastered. The amount of material will equal three albums. They will be released independently of each other, but they will be one series. This will be called The Saturday Night Jam Series. This is full band instrumental music in the styles of Blues, Rock, Jazz, and Rhythm and Blues. Backing tracks will be offered for this series as well. You will be able to obtain the songs without the guitar solos. More information will be released as this project develops. Subscribe to this site in order to be informed of release dates.