Advanced Guitar Lessons Level 2

Welcome To Advanced Guitar Lessons Level 2

Two hand Tap

My LogoIn this level of advanced guitar Lessons we will learn two hand tapping techniques. Two hand tapping is when we use both the right and the left hand to play lead riffs on the guitar. This is done using a series of hammer-ons and pull-offs. We begin with the very basic two hand tap-trick that everyone knows.

Video 1

Now that you know the basic technique we will branch out from there. This next video will show you exercises using this tap-trick. You will learn how to move it around and change strings. You will learn how to even use it with bar combinations.

Video 2

Now it is time to learn a few more tricks. Here are 4 more tap-tricks. The 3 finger roll, two different four finger rolls, and a slide.

Video 3

Now we will learn yet another two hand tap-trick. This one is called the moving trill. There are two types.

Video 4

Now let’s learn how to combine everything we have learned so far. Here are a few exercises and licks you can use that will give you some ideas about how to use these tap tricks.

Video 5

Now we will get a little harder. Let’s learn how to do bends with these tap-tricks

Video 6

Now we are going to accelerate things and get a little harder. Introducing the tap trick, Trill With A Bass

Video 7

Here is a hard one. This one is called crossover.

Video 8

Finally the last two hand tap tricks for this section are some of my favorites. This one involves the right hand crossing over the left hand and holding down a note while the right hand does a series of hammer ons and pull offs. This one is called behind the left hand. There are two types.

Video 9

This concludes Section 2 of Advanced Guitar Lessons