Free Acoustic Backing Tracks

Free Acoustic Backing Tracks

Acoustic guitar music is music that primarily uses guitars that produce sound through an acoustic instrument instead of electric guitar or by electric means. This collection of free acoustic backing tracks will expos you to several different styles of acoustic guitar music. We are not referring to solo acoustic finger picking styles. We are talking about styles you would play with other acoustic guitar musicians.

This type of music has its origins in the folk music of the 1960’s. As the television show called MTV unplugged became more popular during the 1990’s other types of acoustic styles began to emerge. In most cases these acoustic guitars were still electrically amplified performances by musicians. Some grunge bands who usually relied on electronic instruments became known for providing “unplugged” performances. In some cases. this trend has also been dubbed “Acoustic Rock” When music during this era was labeled acoustic or unplugged the assumption is that other types of music are cluttered by technology and dramatically overproduced. This type of acoustic music was seen as a way to break that trend.

Acoustic Backing Tracks

There is nothing like the tone of a great steel string acoustic guitar. So grab your acoustic guitar and jam along with these backing tracks. These are tracks that have been gathered from various artists on YouTube. The arrangements are fun to play along with. Play the rhythms and experiment with scales. This is a great way to jam and improve your skill level. They are free to use. There are 20 tracks total.

Flamenco Latin Acoustic Guitar Tracks

For those who like the sound of a nylon string guitar here is a collection of Flamenco and Latin tracks. Some will have a mix of a Rumba or Gypsy feel. It is a blast to play along with these tracks. Latin music has a very unique flavor that goes well with the sound of nylon. These free acoustic backing tracks are from various people in the YouTube community. They are free to use. there are 28 tracks in all

Free Backing Tracks For Scales

Free Rock Backing Tracks

Free Blues Backing Tracks

Free Jazz Backing Tracks

Free Country Backing Tracks

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