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Collection of Backing Tracks

In this section you will find a collection of backing tracks. There are over 280 free backing tracks in this collection. Just click any genre in the list above. This list is duplicated at the bottom of each page allowing for easy navigation. There are over 12 playlist. Playing along with this collection of backing tracks will not only be fun, but it will help you improve your skills as a guitar player, so have fun!

I started a new project. I am recording over 40 more free backing tracks. They will be added to this collection of backing tracks. This project is taking longer then I expected. So I started looking around for other ways to provide backing tracks to people who visit this website. I discovered that YouTube is a great source for free backing tracks. So I spent a lot of time auditioning backing tracks and making playlists. Then I embedded these lists into this section. You don’t get the commercials you would normally get by going to YouTube and playing these tracks. Fewer commercials means more practice time and the commercials are greatly reduced by using this system.